Meyer Discusses Ohio State Buckeyes And Badgers During Teleconference

Meyer Discusses Ohio State Buckeyes And Badgers During Teleconference

Urban Meyer

Meyer Discusses Ohio State Buckeyes And Badgers During Teleconference

Meyer during the Wisconsin Badger teleconference this week admitted the Ohio State Buckeyes set out to win games this season but never discussed the possibility of going undefeated. Furthermore, he looks forward to contemplating the historical significance of the 2012 season but for now, he remains focused on beating the Wisconsin Badgers.

-He expressed admiration for Curt Phillips and thinks the Badgers' quarterback was impressive against Indiana.

-He noted that Montee Ball's durability, acceleration and vision would serve him well as a running back in the NFL.

-He pointed out how many important games the two teams have played against each other.

-He promises Wisconsin will be a strong force in the Big Ten for many years.

-He admits he has not thought about the Buckeyes becoming the lone undefeated team. If they do, he does not know whether or not they deserve the national title.

-He said there is no question the Buckeyes are self-motivated and will be ready to play.

-He said the team is focused on the punt game specifically but also on special teams as a whole.

-He named Carlos Hyde the most improved player on the team.

-He noted the team's strength lies in the chemistry between Carlos Hyde, Braxton Miller and the offensive line.

-He pointed out that Saturday's game would determine just how tough the team is.

-He believes this week's score shows how self-motivated the Buckeyes are.

-He points out the similarities in Braxton Miller, Tim Tebow and Alex Smith in their ability to spread the ball around thanks to players rising to the occasion.

Football Gameplan's 2012 NCAA FBS Week 12 Preview - Wisconsin vs Ohio State
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