Rutgers Set to Join the Big 10 Tuesday

Rutgers Set to Join the Big 10 Tuesday
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Rutgers Set to Join the Big 10 Tuesday

The important New York market will be a part of the Big Ten after-all according to reports out this morning. Initially, Maryland and Rutgers were rumored to be joining the league but some additional information came out that Georgia Tech might be the 14th team in the conference instead of Rutgers. Those GT rumors are all but gone as both Maryland and Rutgers now look set to become a part of the historic conference.

Some within the conference are now beginning to worry that the price of the two programs is too great for the added benefit. Rutgers lacks in basketball similar to the last team to join the conference, Nebraska. But it’s all about college football as the one sport dominates all other sources of income. The Big Ten network should be greatly enhanced with the new markets and the proximity to Ohio State alumni that those markets present. Both teams will make the switch in the 2014-2015 season.

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