Grant Reed Finally Beats Michigan

Grant Reed Finally Beats Michigan

Grant Reed finally beats Michigan

On July 5, 2013, Grant Reed finally beat Michigan and was released to go home. Family and friends were overjoyed Reed was able to win a long fight with brain tumor. Not many people are lucky to recover from cancer ailments; Reed is just one of the lucky few. He has received a second chance in life to continue with his passion for football.

Grant Reed, a twelve -year old boy had been diagnosed with brain tumor fourteen months before. After learning about his misfortune, he decided to name the tumor Michigan. This idea was derived from the fact that Ohio State always defeats Michigan. Reed wanted to overcome his predicament so; he gave it this name so he would also beat Michigan. His doctor had told him to get a name for the tumor since Reed did not like calling it cancer.

The malignant tumor in Reed's brain took doctors sixteen and a half hours. It was a successful surgery but it left Reed with visual problems. He could not also use his left side. Due to his determination to beat Michigan, he did speech and occupational therapies. These therapies were of significant help because they helped him to go back to a normal school routine. By the fall May of 2012, Reed was in seventh grade and has continued since then.

After the tumor surgery, the recovery process had to be characterized by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Grant is a football fan and it was such a coincidental that his first chemotherapy session was when Buckeyes was playing open season. Being in a hospital bed did not change Reed passion for football. His father and other close people joined him in hospital and they watched together. His family even organized a small party to cheer him up.

Since Reed was diagnosed with brain tumor, Nationwide Children's Hospital become like a second home to him. He was always in and out for the fourteen month Reed ailed. Reed's positive attitude and the hope to beat Michigan greatly contributed to his recovery. He went all the nine chemo therapies until the doctors confirmed the cancer had healed. It is a great relief for him and the family after confirmation of his recovery. Although Reed was recently admitted for bacterial infection, he is thrilled about his healing. It is such a great achievement for him and he is always volunteering to sign autographs. This boy gives hope to those who still continue to fight with cancer.

12 Year Old Ohio State Fan Overcomes Cancer
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