New Role Of Coach Greg Schiano

New Role Of Coach Greg Schiano


A new role is allowing Greg Schiano to expand his working from Ohio Defensive Coordinator to spend time with all other positions on that side of the ball.

Greg Schiano performed the duties of Bukeye's safeties instructor in the first two seasons as defensive coordinator for OSU. From there on Schiano got the opening to spend time with all major defensive positions.

The Football Subdivision recently grew from a team of nine assistants to ten, which brought in safeties coach Alex Grinch, which eventually led Schiano to look after the defense as the head coach.

This could very well be a game changer for Schiano & the Buckeye’s defense as they will have Schiano concentrating on the whole defensive team while having a complete understanding of the entire defensive.

Schiano has made it clear that following the new routine, enabled him to better understand how comfortable the team is with different approaches and having the ability to witness the techniques gives you a better chance to see the team acceptance of the game techniques.

With the knowledge and role attending to all position groups, Schiano is of the opinion that the best approach is to deal with all four position groups equally and help them. So he spends time with all the position groups which are Larry Johnson's d-line, Bill Davis' linebackers, Taver Johnson's cornerbacks and Grinch's safeties. This has enabled him to better understand the dynamics of individual players and to help them improve by giving personal coaching to each player.

Greg Schiano on his different role and the Buckeyes 2018 defense


At the end of 2017 the University of Tennessee picked Schiano as their new head coach but before they could make the announcement a public outcry erupted that made them change their minds. Seems that many feel his involvement with Penn State during the Jerry Sandusky time period is just too hard to swallow. Ohio State and Penn State both came out in his defense.

With Ryan day set to take over the program at Ohio State in 2019, Schiano is again out looking for a head coaching position. This time he is hoping Temple will hire him. Temple wants to make a decision prior to December 19th when early signing begins for recruits. He recruits well around New Jersey and put Rutgers on the map while a head coach there recently.

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