Earle Bruce As Remembered By Urban Meyer

Earle Bruce As Remembered By Urban Meyer


"Wisdom acquired from the university of life": Urban Meyer recalls Earle Bruce

Urban Meyer, the Buckeyes coach who studied under and idolized coach Earl Bruce, offered touching comments during Wednesday's Life Celebration at Saint John's Arena. His speech was warmly received by the audience.

Meyer began his career as a coach at the Buckeyes under Bruce, then went with him to the University of Colorado, prior to going back to the Buckeyes to manage the program. He is probably the best qualified person to offer such a tribute.

This is some of what he said on Wednesday:

"I would like to talk about my wife.....I believe this is the right thing to do, because Ohio State was where we mastered all we know. When Shelly and myself were dating at college, I was a graduate assistant and we looked at how Jean and Earle managed their programs. This inspired us to do the same as them one day. Therefore, I am proud to Introduce Shelly, my wife.

"Moreover, I would like to extend a warm welcome to former coaches and players for attending today. Mark Dantonio, you are an extremely busy man, and every other coach who made the journey to attend, the Bruce family appreciates the respect you are showing by being with us. In addition, as I make a point of doing when they are here -- my boss taught me this. I would like to thank the country's best band for attending today. We are extremely grateful".

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