Ohio State Vs Maryland: A War Of Two States

Ohio State Vs Maryland: A War Of Two States

Ohio State vs Maryland is one of college football's ongoing wildfires if wildfires always ended as quickly as they started. The ongoing spat stems primarily from a homegrown rivalry on the part of the Ohio State vs Maryland camps. Just as you might expect from actual wildfires, the Ohio State vs Maryland version seems to come out of nowhere.

Ohio State vs Maryland Compared to the California Fires

As luck would have it, the Ohio State vs Maryland meet this Saturday marks only the third time. If previous experience is any barometer for the impending 12 p.m. encounter, it is that Ohio State has nothing to worry about. For another, the Terps' current track record points to a losing streak.The only way the Ohio State vs Maryland encounter can escalate into a war of the worlds is if the Buckeyes were to adopt a completely complacent attitude. And that could happen if OSU were to worry too much about its next match with Michigan.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

For the record, it's a solid 4-0 for Ohio State vs Maryland; and a 2-0 twice over previously. The Buckeyes have likewise consistently outgunned the competition by 87 points in the series. This game on Saturday should be more of the same.

Last Year's Record

2017's Ohio State vs Maryland rivalry is lopsidedly in favor of the Buckeyes, who were ahead by as much as 48 points. J.K. Dobbins, Mike Weber, and Parris Campbell all had a role to play in snuffing the life out of Maryland. So from last year's look of things, the Ohio State vs Maryland rivalry was a one-way street. Dobbins ran for 96 yards and a touchdown with Weber adding an additional 59 yards and a touchdown. JT Barrett scored on the ground in addition to Antonio Williams and Campbell.

2018 Ohio State Football: Maryland Trailer

And Just Last Week

The Buckeyes were win freaks against the Michigan State Spartans, so the chances are high that the team won't be too hung up for the next Ohio State vs Maryland thriller. The Bucks stop here with barely 54 rushing yards allowed all the while forcing a turnover trio. Mark Dantonio switched his quarterback two times trying to find something that would work, but came up empty both times.

In fairness, Maryland picked up some yards despite losing out to Indiana with the Joseph Petrino card helping out in a big way. Still, the Terps have a lot of catching up to do in the unfolding Ohio State vs Maryland endgame.

Terps Alert

Kasim Hill and Ty Johnson are unlikely to show up on Saturday with injuries sustained from the latest Indiana face to face. So chances are, a lot will fall on the shoulders of Tyrrell Pigrome. Nevertheless, Anthony McFarland is still the Terp to beat as the next installation of Ohio State vs Maryland unfolds this weekend.

Defense-wise, the big-name Terps are likely to be Tre Watson, Antione Brooke, and Darnell Savage with Petrino widely expected to be in the Ohio State vs Maryland card.

But as far as pass defenses go, Maryland may yet throw out a kicker or two. Dwayne Haskins can definitely be a thorn on the Bucks' side.

Furthermore, Ohio State vs Maryland may still pull up plenty of fireworks with Dwayne Haskins in the equation. Meanwhile, Parris Campbell and K.J. Hill can play supporting roles for the Buckeyes that can break a number of Terp backs.

Adults Only

So before you assume that football will be lackluster this Saturday, think again. Ohio State vs Maryland may yet talk dirty with way too many penalties on both camps.

Ohio State at Maryland: Week 12 Preview | Big Ten Football

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