Ohio State Snatches Zach Harrison Just In Time For The Holidays

Ohio State Snatches Zach Harrison Just In Time For The Holidays


The Buckeyes must be happy and proud going into Christmas. Zach Harrison's commit is in the bag after Michigan tried to Grinch Ohio State of the five-star defensive end. As the highest ranking commit in the present recruitment class, Zach Harrison is the Christmas gift that came just in time.

The Buckeyes can be comfortably home for the holidays, knowing fully well that indeed, there's a Santa Claus. However, Christmas presents can come in a big package. Recruit Zach Harrison stands 6' 6" and an alpha male through and through.

Having Ohio State's Christmas dream come through wasn't easy though. Up to the last minute, Michigan was doing its very best to win Zach Harrison's allegiance--with the fervor of Santa trying to get Rudolph on the team. Luckily, there was no need for a shutdown for things to go Ohio State's way.

Jackson Carman

What makes Zach Harrison's solid intent to join the cast so Rudolphian? Well, first of all, he's the top-ranked recruit and this says it all. For the back story, there was Jackson Carman being the anointed one but signing up with Clemson.

There were telltale signs that the Buckeye reindeers were losing some motivation with the impending departure of their beloved coach. So surely, it would have been a nightmare before Christmas had Zach Harrison been snatched by the Wolverines. There's no ifs or buts about it. Zach Harrison is simply the best thing that ever happened to defensive prospecting in a long time.

True, Zach Harrison doesn't have a shiny nose, but he's huge. And he's fast. How he does this despite weighing 244 pounds is nothing short of a miracle. Reindeer games never looked so good with Zach's unequivocal intent to join the team.

As for the other alpha males in the Buckeye team, it just can't be helped that there will be some posturing's such as marking the territory. But when the dust clears, every Buckeye is bound to realize that every strong member is an asset to the team--instead of being a threat.

Harrison Skills

Bionic is the only adequate adjective that can capture Zack Harrison's unique gift. For instance, when it comes to the 40-yard dash, his personal best is 4.47 seconds. Apart from being a god among men, Zach Harrison can play just about any other football position.

So in getting the Zach Harrison commit, Ohio State had stolen the fire from heaven. His stellar status is good for at least a few more years.

Zach Harrison Ultimate Highlights // 5-Star DE Olentangy Orange // Ohio State Commit 2019

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