Coach Kerry Coombs The Bull Goes Home and Recruits Martinez

Coach Kerry Coombs The Bull Goes Home and Recruits Martinez


What's your favorite Kerry Coombs moment from the Ohio State archives? Coaching in only a shirt during a snow storm in Minnesota? Body guard for Ohio fans when Jabrill Peppers loses his temper? Well before you decide, keep in mind the best is yet to come. Yes, the Red Bull is back in Ohio’s Red Nation.

Kerry Coombs in the NFL

After a two year stint with the Titans in the NFL and a run deep into the playoffs and while OSU held its breath and their phone calls to any other coaching prospects, they were able to bring Coombs back home as Defensive Coordinator for the 2020 campaign. Coach Coombs proved his point to the NFL and himself. He belongs in football and he belongs wherever he wants to be in football.

Jeff Hafley Leaves For Boston College

Looks like that is back at OSU after a 15-1 season under new head coach, Ryan Day, Ohio is already in the driver's seat for the 2020 BCS season. The Buckeyes had a big hole to fill with DC Jeff Hefley moving on to head coach at Boston College. January 20, 2020 Buckeye nation dreams came true as Kerry Coombs more than took up the open space.

When Kerry Coombs came to Ohio State

Since his 2004 Ohio State Championship as head coach of Colerain High School, where the lifelong Ohioan also is a graduate, Coombs has been synonymous with Ohio football. With success at the University of Cincinnati under Brian Kelly and Butch Jones, Coach Coombs already had the eye of now Ohio State legend Urban Meyer in 2012. Coach Meyer saw not only a great football coach but also an outstanding people person. Amazing with players on the field, Coach Coombs also had a talent for recruiting. Coombs quickly set the standard at OSU bringing in top quality prospects, setting the tone at OSU, and then sending great talent straight into the NFL. Coach Coombs sent 5 first round picks into the NFL from 2014 to 2018.

Recruiting Cameron Martinez

Coach Coombs wasted no time hitting the recruiting circuit immediately and heading to Muskegon, Michigan to the home of Cameron Martinez. A four star prospect who had verbally committed to OSU, Martinez had a four year varsity run as Quarterback for Muskegon and a high school record of 48-4. Martinez is seen as a Division I defensive back, wideout prospect with a clear football future. This is a cautious and pragmatic athlete with 29 scholarship offers, and with changes at OSU and a few weeks to decide where to ink his talent he is in no hurry to tie himself down. Penn State, Norte Dame, Boston College? Decisions, Decisions.

Cameron Martinez: Dynamic Michigan athlete commits to Ohio State

Cameron Martinez Commits

Enter the Red Bull who made his way to Muskegon on January 22 and the challenge for us now is to find someone there Coach Coombs hasn't spoke to. The X factor with Coach Coombs is that he is thorough with no film unwatched and no personality details missed out on with his recruits. High on energy and comfortable with parents, teachers, and a recruits' needs Coach Coombs has a knack for not only bringing the best from across the country but also keeping the best talent in Buckeye Nation and the surrounding area. Special should be Kerry Coombs middle name with high energy and high expectations, forward is the only direction the Red Bull moves. Welcome home, Coach!

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