Off Season Writer's Q&A

Off Season Writer's Q&A

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Off Season Writer's Q&A

Favorite Buckeye Memory, 2009 NFL Draft, and Game Celebration Locations.

Name your favorite Buckeye memory you experienced in person?

Bill Smith: I am not at all sure this is my favorite memory of OSU but it is the most vivid and unique. I was in B deck for the only game in the glorious 117 year history of the Buckeyes that was never finished! It was the OSU-USC game on Sept. 22, 1990. As the half time show ended, it started to rain. The rain turned to a monsoon. Those sitting in A deck staged an attack on us in B deck attempting to get out of the rain. We stood our ground at the cement wall and rebuffed their efforts not once but three times. Lighting began flashing in mid way through the 4th quarter. OSU scored making the game USC 35 OSU 26. When the Buckeyes failed to recover the onside kick, the refs called the game with more than a minute left on the clock. Water poured down the ramps with such furry that it was knocking people down trying to escape the deluge. Needless to say, it was an experience I will never forget.

Eric Geier: It was the 1995 game against Illinois. I remember Illinois had a great defense and it was bitter cold out that day. Eddie George ran for 314 yards and 2 touchdowns I believe. It was the single greatest performance I witnessed in person. I remember sitting in B-deck with my jaw hanging down because every time Eddie got the ball he busted off at least a 5 yard run. Everyone knew they were watching something special. It was vintage Ohio State football, Woody would have been proud.

Pete Quint: Rose Bowl 1997.  The band was sitting in the opposite corner of the end-zone when several of us screamed "BOSTON'S OPEN!"  Wow.

Ryan Leonardo: It has to be last season's Wisconsin game in the Horsehoe.  At halftime, they retired Bill Willis' number 99.  His 1942 Championship ring was stolen from his Eastside home prior, and the University gave him a replica at the game.  The original was returned to his family just days before he died at Grant medical center.  He paved the way for African-American players in college and in the NFL.  I was glad to be a part of that crowd that gave him a standing ovation.

Steve Patterson: I like to go to the summer camps and see the high school players for one of their first times on campus. It’s very casual and you can talk with most everyone that is there. Similar to the way the Worthington Summer Basketball league used to be before Oden and Conley Jr led  Ohio State to stop sending their players there.

Looking ahead, there seems to be plenty of Buckeyes available in the 2009 NFL draft. How many make it in the first round?

Bill Smith: Malcolm Jenkins, James Laurinaitis, Alex Boone are sure first rounders and Brian Robiskie and Marcus Freeman are probable late 1 or early 2 picks along with Todd Boeckman if he has a good season. I believe Chris Wells will stick around for his senior year if for no other reason than to play with Pryor.

Eric Geier: Laurinaitus for sure. I think Marcus Freeman, Brian Robiskie and Alex Boone may have a chance it all depends on what happens this season. There could easily be someone that comes out of the blue to surprise everyone and get drafted in the first round.

Pete Quint: James Laurinaitis, Beanie Wells, Malcolm Jenkins and Brian Robiskie.  I have a feeling that Alex Boone might drop to the second round.

Ryan Leonardo: I would say three. Wells, Laurinaitis, and Jenkins.  It all comes down to how well they perform in the pre-draft analysis, too.  Injuries play a huge part also.

Steve Patterson: Would love to see Boone get picked in the first round but the three have to be Chris Wells first, then Malcolm Jenkins, and then James Laurinaitis. I think Jenkins second only because of position need in the NFL. There are a lot of upperclassman on the team this year, Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline could both be first day selections. The one player that could break into the first round with a great season would be Lawrence Wilson at the defensive end spot.

Where is the best pre/post-game celebration hangout in Columbus?

Bill Smith: The OSU Holiday Inn.

Eric Geier: I think just walking down Lane Ave. is the best. Heinegate is always fun. But you can never go wrong with the classic tailgate. Everyone is having a good time and you can really get into the spirit and see what Ohio State football is all about.

Pete Quint: Pre-Game: If it wasn't so damn crowded and full of amature drinkers the Varsity Club would win hands down.  I've found that you can snag a cozy corner at the Thirsty Scholar on Neil with realtive ease.

Post-Game: To continue festivities I like to hit Gallo's Tap Room on Bethel or Bob's on High.  Bob's is second only to the Winking Lizard with the best beer selection in town but has a great neighborhood feel.  Gallo's has a ton of HDTV's, a great beer selection, lots of parking and wonderful food.

Ryan Leonardo: If you are 21 years old, then the Varsity Club is where it's at.  Especially if you like standing, sweating, and waiting for beer.  If you are 25 or over, I would recommend the homestead.  No driving involved, and you can celebrate with your friends and not have to wait for the restroom.

Steve Patterson: I’m a big fan of Champs after a game. Love the big screens and the food. Plus players and coaches stop by for dinner sometimes when there’s a noon kickoff.

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