Beer League Baseball

Beer League Baseball

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I play it, but I never drink while I’m batting, or running, that’s just asking for trouble. I always wait until after the running is over and all the balls have been caught. Beer has never gotten me into a bench-clearing brawl with the other team, or got me thrown out of the game for kicking dirt at the ump (that may be false). No, I must say that of all the types of booze that I’ve played ball with with before, beer is the most sportsmanlike.

Maybe it’s because it relaxes me so much that I sometimes decide to fake an injury so that I don’t have to play any more, and can just sit on the bench, be the batboy, and drink more beer.This allows me to sample many of the different beers that the others players have brought along with them. It’s allowed me to try several styles that I can’t find around home, so that’s expanded my palate for many different flavors of the drink.

I may seem like a bit of a beer snob, but I’m definitely not. There must be something that you love doing; something that you don’t get technical about, but you find happiness in nonetheless? Well, that’s beer and baseball for this guy. I don’t know what hops are what, or what kind of yeast was used to give the beer its aroma. I leave that up to the to figure that stuff out. I just like to sip it; to enjoy it for a moment, and then move on.

Oh right, I mentioned ball playing. Well, I don’t own a bat, and I don’t care what ball hits further, but I love being out on the bench, watching the sun glint off the caps littered around our trash barrel. Listening to the umps and coaches fighting, and maybe drinking a refreshingly cold cream ale, or perhaps a nice crisp lager. Again, it’s one of those things that I love, but I don’t really care about the rules, or regulations. I would rather spend my time baking in the hot sun, than meddling with the twists of fate that brought this bliss about. I’m just a guy with a mitt and a beer, and hopefully some beef jerky, because I’m getting hungry, and maybe getting a touch of the heat stroke.

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