Big 33 the High School All Star Classic Winner

Big 33 the High School All Star Classic Winner
Big 33

Big 33 the High School All Star Classic Winner

Taking a look at the rosters of the two big High School All Star games this Saturday leads you to the conclusion that the Big 33 has won the battle of the High School All Star Classics.

Ohio State Players

    The Big 33 has the Penn State players and it has the Ohio State players, at least the ones not already enrolled at their prospective schools. For Penn State you’ll get to see 7 players on the field including Pete Massaro, David Soldner, Matt Stankiewitch, Brandon Ware, Mark Wedderburn, and Mike Yancick who might be out with an injury. On the Ohio squard, the Nittany Lions stole Michael Zordich away from Jim Tressel but he’ll stay be playing for his home state.

    Ohio State has Ben Buchanan, Taylor Rice, Nathan Williams, Shawntel Rowell, Nic Dilillo all on the Ohio team. This doesn’t mention the numerous other prominent players from schools like Pittsburgh, Michigan, Florida State, West Viriginia, and others.

    For the Ohio North South Classic, the best schools represented are Indiana and Pittsburgh. This is a serious decline from previous years that saw a large number of Ohio State and other prominent teams represented. I guess everyone saw it coming with the games being played on the same day for the first time. This move was made to allow students to enroll into summer classes at their college of choice which has become increasingly popular as of late.           

Location, Location, Location

    So the Ohio North South Classic has been in Crew Stadium that last couple of years which is a very nice facility and didn’t look too empty with a lot of Ohio State campers making the trip by bus to see most of the game. But someone came up with the ideal to play the game in Ohio Stadium (aka The Shoe) this year. It will be convenient for all the high school campers and the players will get to play on a famous field, but how empty is the stadium going to look tonight? I will look like nothing is going on.

    In an attempt to boost player attendance the Ohio High School Association is considering moving the game to April to be on the same day as the Spring Game. There are some NCAA rules to be maneuvered around as the stadium needs to be cleared between the games and tickets must be sold separately, but it’s a good move to revive a game that this year will be a disappointment.


    This will be the 51st Big 33 Classic with three straight Pennsylvania wins. The history of the Big 33 might have led to its new domination of the Ohio State North South Classic. I number of famous college or NFL players have played in the game. In fact, there has never been a Superbowl without a Big 33 alumnus. That’s an amazing statistic.


    If you want to see the Big 33 you can travel to Hersheypark Stadium for the 7pm kickoff or watch the game on Comcast CN8 in Pennsylvania. The Ohio North South Classic has a kickoff time of 4pm at Ohio Stadium. There are no published media outlets carrying the game.
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