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8/31/2008 1:42 PM
2008 Youngstown State  (United States)
Transcript of Jim Tressel's postgame news conference
Saturday,  August 30, 2008 4:46 PM
From the Ohio State athletics communications office



Report card

What grade do you give Ohio State in its victory over Youngstown State?


COACH TRESSEL:  Those three flights of stairs are tiring. It was a good day for us in that I thought our guys came out and they were business-like as to what they wanted to do and the issue wasn't Youngstown State, it was what can Ohio State do to execute, to get better.  I thought obviously when your defense pitches a shutout and creates that type of field position all day long, it was good to see the special teams very solid.

Ryan Pretorius really hit the ball well.  And then Aaron Pettrey's field goal, that would have been good from about 60 some, I think.  And the kickoffs and kickoff coverage was solid.  Lots of great film for us to study.  It was our first opportunity to have the new clock management and    it will be interesting to see if the numbers of plays and those types of things are similar to what we've had in the past, but I thought our guys stayed true to cause through the ball game and that's what they've done through the entire preseason because of the leadership of these guys, and I think we know we have a long way to go and our guys enjoy working.

REPORTER:  Coach, today the defense allowed something like 73 yards and really they didn't threaten at all.  Could you just elaborate a little bit more about the defense?  And the other thing is, have you ever coached a game where their kicking game was so good and five for five from field goals and two over 50 yards and maybe make a comment about Pretorius and Aaron.

COACH TRESSEL:  I think Ryan Pretorius was solid.  It starts with the snap and excellent protection, but his mechanics were right on and we'll watch the film and see if that's not exactly the case, but I think it is.  Aaron Pettrey's field goal was a boomer and his kickoffs were real good.  We've got a very defensive football team and that's probably a difficult challenge when the team's putting in a new offense.  And Youngstown State has changed their style of play and this was their first chance to rehearse that, and to rehearse that against our defense, I could pick better rehearsals than that one.  Our guys are very assignment-sound but physical, put pressure and I think it was just a solid performance, as long as we know that we have to build on it.

REPORTER:  Jim, could you give us an update on Beanie's injury?  It looked like it might be a pretty serious injury.  When you see a guy like that down in the first game, does your heart sort of leap a little bit?

COACH TRESSEL:  Or a lot of bit.  You feel for anyone that goes down, and especially when it looks like a leg injury, at first you think, oh, is it a knee, and then, is it an ankle?  And from what I gather, without getting medical into it, it's more of a foot thing and x-rays were negative and those kinds of things, but absolutely your heart jumps.

REPORTER:  Jim, could you talk a little bit about Terrelle's debut?

COACH TRESSEL:  Well, he was nervous, so what we tried to do was get him hit real fast, and then he could just go do what he can do.  I thought he did a good job.  He's worked hard.  He's studied hard to learn what we do.  And the luxury of getting he and Joe Bauserman in the game, the only guy that's hard on is Todd because Todd's in for a couple series and then he's out and then he's in, and sometimes that's hard to get your rhythm and sometimes for the play callers and Joe Daniels up there, he's got to think about what this guy knows and so forth, Terrelle obviously is a guy that can do some great things.

REPORTER:  Coach, can you talk about how much maybe you intended on playing Beanie today and what went into the decision of playing him in that last series he was in?

COACH TRESSEL:  When was that?  That was early in the third quarter, wasn't it?  We were out there playing all of our guys throughout the course of the game until a little bit later, but I don't know how many carries he ended up, but he's the kind of guy that we want him to be a 20 to 30-carry guy.  I don't know what he got, but I don't know that he was overused or anything.

REPORTER:  Coach, I heard turf toe, is that accurate?

COACH TRESSEL:  I haven't heard that phrase used today with him.

REPORTER:  So you fear maybe it's a broken bone?

COACH TRESSEL:  No, the x-rays came out negative, but when the trainers came and said to me that it's more of a foot thing, they didn't  use the phrase turf toe.  They did use the phrase the x-rays were negative.

REPORTER:  We were told he's headed to the doctor.

COACH TRESSEL:  I would imagine, yeah.

REPORTER:  Would you foresee him sitting out next week or --

COACH TRESSEL:  Can't know.

REPORTER:  How about Todd's performance today?

COACH TRESSEL:  I thought it was solid.  He's going to have a chance to watch the film and really study himself from a footwork standpoint, a decision-making standpoint.  He's been throwing against our defense for the last 44 practices, and your first time when you're throwing against people that are doing things a little bit differently and so forth, it's a good challenge for you because it's going to be different every week and I think he'll grade out pretty well.  We'll see if he grades out winning.  It's hard to grade out winning around here.

REPORTER:  Coach, four times in the red zone got three field goals and the turnover, I know you're not happy about that, were there breakdowns or just not execution?

COACH TRESSEL:  In the fumble, that's when Beanie kind of planted on that foot and lost his balance, if you will, and just as he was receiving the ball, so, obviously, yeah, that's disappointing.  The couple times that we kicked field goals down in close, I think we had a first and goal at the nine maybe, first and goal at the eight, and we didn't, in our first down play, get down inside that five and then all of a sudden when you're in long yardage around the eight and nine and seven, that's a  difficult place to score from, but it will be a great lesson for us as to maybe what should we be working on from a design standpoint and what should we be executing a little better.

REPORTER:  I'm not sure how far in advance you plan these things out, but were you kind of thinking that would be his last series, Chris?

COACH TRESSEL:  Boy, you know what, we were really focused on trying to get in the end zone, so, no.  I mean, it wasn't like, okay, we're going to score here and this guy's coming out or that type of thing.

REPORTER:  Jim, obviously he's headed to the doctor like you said, but have you already in your mind already crossed Beanie out for this coming week or will you play that by ear?

COACH TRESSEL:  Play that by ear because you never know how those things are.  Sometimes all of a sudden that adrenaline rush that, hey, I'm not injured as bad as I was maybe afraid that I was or whatever gives you a chance to get back a little bit quicker.  But again, we just simply follow what the doctors tell us to do.  If he can go, he can go.  If he can practice, he can practice.  If he can't practice, obviously we wouldn't use him.

REPORTER:  Did you see enough of Boom today to think you've got a competent guy there now?

COACH TRESSEL:  I think Boom, Mo Wells and Brandon Saine are good players, and I don't know how many times we ran and how many times we passed and all that, but I would have liked a little bit more time out there today to get those guys a few more carries, but we'll just have to get that worked on next week.

REPORTER:  Tim took my question, so how do you feel about some of the young guys you saw today on both sides of the ball?  Did you get everyone in the game that you wanted to get in pretty much?

COACH TRESSEL:  I think we probably did.  Now, I can't swear to that.  I would have liked to have seen Jake McQuaide snap for a punt, for instance.  We didn't get to do that.  But you saw some flashes of some young guys.  DeVier Posey made a couple nice plays out there and I don't know for sure what the young offensive linemen did or you might want to ask these guys, they probably on defense saw what some of those young guys did, but I didn't hear anyone talking about people were making big blows or, oh, we've got to get so and so out of there, he's going to kill us.  So it was great experience, which is what you hope for in a game as you begin your year.

TODD BOECKMAN:  First of all, on the offensive side of the ball, I thought we came out, started off strong, got that first drive with Beanie's long run.  The linemen did a great job, but there were a few times we needed to do a better job down in the red zone.  We didn't score as many points as we'd like to, but special teams picked us up.

Overall I thought we did a great job moving the ball.  A lot of young guys got in.  I'm looking forward to seeing where we're at and it's going to be nice to sit back and watch that film and see how we did and how we graded out.

BRIAN ROBISKIE:  I think first of all, just coming on the defensive side of the ball, anytime you get a shutout, it says a lot about them and just how much that really helps the offense, because that means they're getting turnovers and giving us more opportunities to move the ball and move the chains.  I thought we did a fairly successful job doing that. Like Todd said, a couple times in the red zone we got down there and stumbled a few times and had to settle for some field goals which is not what we always want, but we got some points out of it, and we're just going to have to move on from here, look at the film and see what we can pick up.

JAMES LAURINAITIS:  Well, I think anytime you can get a shutout against anybody, it's obviously a good day for defense.  I think anything -- the first game of the season, what's challenging is you're going to face something you haven't seen before.  We knew they were changing their offense like Coach Tressel had said and they had some new things and threw a little bit different at us off the bat, but we figured out how our guys reacted, figured out what those things were, we communicated.  We've got to get better next week as well.  We'll look at the film and get better.

MALCOLM JENKINS:  I think we did a good job today with field position and that's a testament to our special teams and defense played. Whenever you get a shutout, you're happy.  Didn't get too many first downs. Guys were running around, hitting.  We left a few plays on the field, try to get back up on receptions, things like that, but overall it was a good day.  Our offense put points on the board and that's all we can ask for, so we're happy.

REPORTER:  Todd, could you take us to the play where Beanie got hurt, you handed him the ball, just walk us through what happened there, what you may have heard.

TODD BOECKMAN:  I think it was a short yardage play.  We knew we could pick up some yards, but as I handed him the ball back, he didn't grab it.  I didn't know what to expect.  I didn't know what he did.  Like I said, he put his hands on the ball and he went down and he was in some serious pain.  But like Coach said, we don't know what happened or if he's going to be able to play next week, but we're just hoping for the best for him.

REPORTER:  Brian, you had a touchdown grab, it looked like you were favoring your shoulder a little bit, how does your shoulder feel?

BRIAN ROBISKIE:  I had hurt my shoulder previously at camp a little bit and I just fell on it again on that play and I ended up kind of falling on it the same way I hurt it, but it feels good now.  I feel like -- I went right back in after that, but like I said, right now it feels good.

REPORTER:  Do you feel like it's going to bother you throughout the season?

BRIAN ROBISKIE:  No, I think it's going to bother me as long as I let it.  It's one of those things, if I stay on it, if I continue to do what the trainers say and rehab like I'm supposed to, I feel like I can get it under control.

REPORTER:  Todd, can you tell us what was going through your mind as you see Beanie laying there in pain?  It seems like he's obviously a big part of the offense and I'm wondering as you're watching this what you're thinking.

TODD BOECKMAN:  Definitely one of the best backs of the country laying down there in pain.  It's definitely a sight you didn't want to see. Like I say, Beanie's a tough guy.  We're pulling for him.  I hope he goes to the doctor and do whatever he can to help his team out again.

REPORTER:  James and Malcolm, could you talk about the goals you have as a defensive unit and do you feel like Youngstown State never threatened?  That's pretty impressive for a first game.  Can you talk about meeting your goals?

MALCOLM JENKINS:  First thing was coming out here, have some enthusiasm, as far as that, I think we did accomplish that.  We didn't get many points in the red zone, but we have to get better at it and try to improve.

REPORTER:  For Todd and for Brian, if Chris is out for a certain period of time, how does this change for this offense?  What do you have to do to compensate for a loss like that?

TODD BOECKMAN:  I think we've got some great backs behind us.  Boom Herron has been stepping up big time, and I think Brandon Saine is coming back from a hamstring injury, and Mo Wells has always been consistent, so I think we're going to do some great things and there's not much we're going to change up.

BRIAN ROBISKIE:  First and foremost, you really can't replace Beanie.  It's just kind of hard, but I feel like we've got a lot of guys that can step up and they're going to do a great job filling that void if he has to miss some time.  Like Coach Tressel was saying, guys like Brandon Saine, Mo Wells and Boom, they all did some good things and I just think if he does miss some time, we've got some guys that have some experience and we can be very successful.

REPORTER:  Todd, you know how tough it is to play quarterback on this level, were you surprised at how well Terrelle played today?  Will you comment on his first game in college?

TODD BOECKMAN:  Definitely, just seeing him in college, I expected him to do some great things and I'm sure he'll even do greater things coming up in the next couple days.  But going out there, he was very relaxed, poised and confident.  It's hard to see that in freshmen.  They get out there and not know what to expect.  He made some great plays and ran the ball really well.

REPORTER:  Todd, you waited a long time to get the job and you got it last year.  Now this year with inexperienced backups, they're trying to get them some work.  How tough is that for you trying to settle in as well? Does that hurt your development when you're playing two series, resting two, three, four, whatever?

TODD BOECKMAN:  I know last year we did a little bit of that too the first couple games and going into this game I knew it was going to happen.  Coach told us that Terrelle and Joe both were going to get in there.  Maybe it does hurt resting here and there, but when you get out there, you're out there and you're ready to go.


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8/31/2008 1:43 PM
Re: 2008 Youngstown State  (United States)
What the Buckeyes had to say
Saturday,  August 30, 2008 4:56 PM

Todd Boeckman, quarterback

On the offensive depth

"It's always nice to have so many options. We have a lot of great wide receivers and (running) backs. It's a great luxury to have."

On what he needs to work on

"There were a few times when I wasn't composed and my feet were off balance. Once the game went along, I was able to get my rhythm and stay composed."

Brian Robiskie, senior wide receiver

On his thoughts when Chris 'Beanie' Wells was injured

"I just told him to keep his head up. Lawrence Wilson had an injury last season and to see Beanie or any player go down, your heart just goes out to them."

On the running backs

"We have great depth at the position. As you saw today, Dan Herron is a great (running) back. Brandon Saine and Maurice Wells are solid. We are fine at that position."

Dan Herron, Ohio State running back

On if Chris Wells being out will push him more

"Yes and no. I work hard no matter what, so a guy being out isn't going to change my level of trying. If we have a void to fill, though, all the running backs need to step up."

Brian Hartline, junior wide receiver

On any negatives offensively in the game Saturday

"If I had to pin point something, it would be the redzone offense. Overall, though, I thought we clicked on all cylinders."

On his 47-yard reception from Todd Boeckman

"An opportunity arose for Todd to make a play and he gave me a chance to make the catch and we were able to capitalize on it."

Terrelle Pryor, freshman quarterback

On his pregame thoughts

"I was nervous about everyone judging me, but once I got out there I just wanted to have fun. It was great to get out there and finally get time under my belt."

On getting used to the speed of the college game

"It gets easier everyday in practice. We (quarterbacks) get a lot of reps in practice so we don't really have any excuses."

On being sacked

"I didn't see the blitz coming and panicked. It's one of the little things that I need to get better at."

Ray Small, junior wide receiver

On being compared to Ted Ginn Jr.

"It doesn't really bother me. I've been hearing it ever since I was at Glenville (High School). I'd rather just make a name for myself, but he isn't a bad guy to be compared to."

On Chris Wells coming back to the sideline after leaving the field

"That was great. When he came out, the team's attitude sort of changed. He had a big smile on his face."

Marcus Freeman, senior linebacker

On Ohio State's defensive performance

"I thought we did a pretty good job today. We had our goals set coming into today's game and this was the first step of the season. We'll go back and watch the video and try to improve more for next week."

On sophomore free safety Jermale Hines

"He is a heck of an athlete, very versatile and has a lot of confidence. I told him to play like Coleman, with a lot of effort, and I have a lot of confidence with the young guys we have in our secondary this season."

Lawrence Wilson, junior defensive end

On Chris Wells' injury

"When I went out there to check on him, I told him to relax and take a breath. I was crushed to see that kind of player go down, but I have a lot of confidence that he will be back. He's one of those guys who is hungry and wants to play."

On shutout against Youngstown State

"I thought we did a pretty good job today. We had a few mistakes, but we will go into the film room and see what we did wrong. It felt great to be back, and our defense has been working hard in camp, but overall I'm happy with today's performance."

Brandon Saine, sophomore tailback

On his physical health

"I feel 100 percent right now. I'm feeling really good. It felt great to get back in and work some of the bugs out."

On Terrelle Pryor

"He makes everything look so easy, especially from the sideline. He really is a fast guy."

Dane Sanzenbacher, sophomore wide receiver

On James Laurinaitis and Malcolm Jenkins returning

"I love to see them back. I love to have them out there teaching us. They are out there to lead the team."

On Chris Wells' injury

"We don't want to see anybody down and especially Beanie. In the offseason, he worked really hard. I'm sure he will be back. At first you always think the worst, but we have the best training staff in the nation. I'm sure they will have him ready to go."

Ben Person, senior offensive guard

On Ohio State

"We are a very fortunate team. I watched a few games on Thursday and they had good players, but we have great kickers and three great quarterbacks. We have a lot of talent, depth and confidence. We don't want to see players like Chris go down, but he'll be back. We are a very blessed team."

On Terrelle Pryor

"I was really excited for the kid. He has put in a lot of hard work. He has been here since June, but he is still a freshman. He looked comfortable today. When he goes out and calls a pass he will look to throw and not just run."

DeVier Posey, freshman wide receiver

On scoring in his first collegiate game

"It sure felt good. I tried to find my mom right afterwards, but I never did. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would score today. I just closed my eyes and dove in."

On playing for Ohio State

"It felt like forever waiting to start this season. It felt really good. As soon as I put my uniform I had a smile on my face. We are part of the Buckeye team."

On learning from the upperclassman

"I really want to learn this season. I had my notebook out all game taking notes; not really, but I was taking mental notes today. We have NFL potential receivers and a great quarterback. It was good to see today rather than just hear."


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8/31/2008 1:44 PM
Re: 2008 Youngstown State  (United States)
GAME 1: (2) Ohio State 43 | Youngstown State 0
Starts and fits
Pryor appears, defense rules, but Wells' foot eclipses all
Sunday,  August 31, 2008 3:44 AM

The clang, clang, clang of the victory bell echoed through Ohio Stadium yesterday, but it was hard to tell for whom the bell tolled.

Was it for Youngstown State, victim of a thorough 43-0 thrashing at the hands of Ohio State?

Or was it sounding the death knell for OSU's hopes of a national title, which ride largely on the shoulders of running back Chris "Beanie" Wells?

Wells went down with a right foot injury in the third quarter. As he lay on the turf, 105,011 fans fell still, turning Ohio Stadium into a house of prayer.

"Absolutely, your heart jumps," coach Jim Tressel said.

Afterward, Wells was in a walking boot as he limped up the tunnel and back to the locker room. Tressel said X-rays were negative, and the possibilities range from a minor sprain to something like turf toe, which can linger for months.

Should Wells be out for a while, that doesn't seem like a fair trade -- a win over a Football Championship Subdivision team for the loss of a Heisman Trophy contender.

Wells was hurt on his 13th carry, which came with 7:14 left in the third quarter and Ohio State leading 26-0.

"It's very unfortunate, because in a game like that, the (starters) are only supposed to go a couple series," receiver Ray Small said. "It's football, so you never know what can happen. It can happen in a big game or a small game."

A big game looms in two weeks, when No. 2 Ohio State heads to No. 3 Southern California. A comparatively smaller game is next, against Ohio University.

Tressel said he would wait for more information on Wells' injury before ruling him out for the Ohio game.

"You never know how those things are," he said. "Sometimes, all of a sudden that adrenaline rush (hits) that, 'Hey, I'm not injured as bad as maybe I was afraid I was,'" Tressel said. "If he can't practice, obviously we wouldn't use him."

Wells rushed for 111 yards, including 43 yards for a touchdown. If he can't go, redshirt freshman Dan Herron likely would get the start. He was one of the most talked-about young players in the preseason. Herron would be complemented by sophomore Brandon Saine, coming off a hamstring injury, and steady senior Maurice Wells.

That trio combined for 69 yards on 15 carries.

"I think we've got some great backs," quarterback Todd Boeckman said.

The injury cast a shadow over what otherwise was a positive first game, including a dominant defensive performance.

Through three quarters, the Penguins gained 30 yards on 28 plays and had just two first downs -- one by penalty. They ended with 74 yards.

"We got humbled pretty good today," Youngstown State coach Jon Heacock said.

The Buckeyes defense was suffocating. No Penguins players had any room to maneuver. If someone made a catch, three or four Buckeyes were quickly on the scene.

Youngstown State didn't cross midfield until 12:13 remained in the game.

"Youngstown State has changed their style of play and this was their first chance to rehearse that," said Tressel, referring to a new spread offense. "To rehearse that against our defense, I could pick better rehearsals than that one."

All three Ohio State quarterbacks played by halftime. Of the Buckeyes' 11 series, Boeckman directed six possessions, freshman Terrelle Pryor three and Joe Bauserman two.

Boeckman was solid -- 14-of-19 passing for 187 yards and two TDs, one to Brian Robiskie and one to freshman DeVier Posey.

The crowd oohed and aahed when Pryor trotted out for his debut. He was 4-of-6 passing for 35 yards, and added nine carries for 52 yards, including a 18-yard touchdown run.

The Buckeyes did not punt, but they struggled a bit at finishing off drives. They settled for five field goals -- four by Ryan Pretorius.

"I thought our guys came out and they were businesslike as to what they wanted to do," Tressel said. "And the issue wasn't Youngstown State, it was what can Ohio State do to execute, to get better."

And now the issue is Wells.

[email protected]

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8/31/2008 1:45 PM
Re: 2008 Youngstown State  (United States)
Scarlet and Gray Matter
Sunday,  August 31, 2008 4:44 AM

The $62 question:
It wasn't exactly a Neil Diamond concert -- sorry folks, no refunds available in the 'Shoe -- but it wasn't a lot of bang for your buck, either. Five field goals fail to excite the masses, especially in 80-degree temperatures. Several veteran ushers called it the dullest opening-game crowd they could recall, but at least Pryor provided some buzz.

Just wondering: Why was Beanie still in the game more than halfway through the third quarter with the Buckeyes leading by 26?

In with the new ... out with it, too: Fresh ideas sometimes spoil easily. Exhibit A: The latest if not greatest game-day wrinkle is the announcement -- "And that's another Ohio State FIRST DOWN!" -- that echoed through the stadium after, well, another Ohio State first down. It wouldn't be so bad except that it's not original. Minnesota has used the same annoying announcement for years.

The view

How the team sees it: Please, please, please be OK, Beanie.

How the pollsters will see it: Get back to us two weeks from now in SoCal.

How Buckeye Nation will see it: We'll take a blowout, but enough with these Division I-AA, Championship Subdivision or whatever you call them teams.

Translating Tress

What he said: "Those three flights of stairs are tiring." -- referencing the climb from the locker room to the media room

What he meant: "Especially with the weight of Beanie's injury on my shoulders."

They said it

As heard on TV: Youngstown State didn't pull off the upset, but Time Warner almost did by upsetting thousands of customers who still didn't have the Big Ten Network on their cable channels at 10 a.m. But T.W. rallied late in the game and had things mostly working by the noon kickoff. Once up and running, the announcing duo of Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis did an adequate job, although it might be the first time the Olentangy River -- long known by OSU students as the Old-and-dingy -- was referred to as beautifully scenic.

Numbers for dummies

104: Combined yards of Buckeyes' longest two field goals (50 and 54), 30 yards more than Youngstown State's total offense

15: Former Ohio State drum majors on the field -- the oldest age 83 -- during TBDBITL's alumni day

0: Punts by the Buckeyes

11: Buckeyes receivers who caught passes

On tap

Call the MAC school what you will -- Ohio University, OU or just plain Ohio. By the end of next Saturday, the more accurate name will be OU-CH.



Here's a pop-up ad the Buckeyes don't mind receiving: five footballs popping up and over the goalposts for 15 points.

Horseshoe haiku

Beanie's Heisman hopes

strike grim pose -- hand grabbing foot,

towel over head.

[email protected]

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8/31/2008 1:45 PM
Re: 2008 Youngstown State  (United States)
The Bottom Line
Sunday,  August 31, 2008 4:44 AM

X-rays are negative, they say, but it's hard to see the positives when the team's horse has to be helped off the field. If Beanie's wearing Das Boot for long, the Buckeyes' championship odds get longer. Leaves are awarded on a zero-to-five basis.

Offense (three leaves)

Those who seek balance in their lives had to be pleased, the Buckeyes' 251 rushing yards only slightly outpacing their 244 via the air. As stout as Beanie Wells looked while he was in there, newbie QB Terrelle Pryor was that smooth on his journeys. Velvet. Less buzz, maybe, but a good start for Boecks.

Defense (four leaves)

Game ball to Jermale Hines, thrust out of the shadows by injury and no doubt ready to answer the bell. Overall, the Buckeyes allowed five first downs and 74 total yards and got their first shutout since '06. Say what you will about recent BCS foibles, but these guys devour the small fries.

Special teams (four leaves)

Thad Matta wishes his guys were so effective on three balls. Ryan Pretorius went 4 for 4, and he and Aaron Pettrey each bagged one beyond 50 yards. Kickoffs were deep, returns were decent and kick coverage was fine. Punter A.J. Trapasso even saw action -- he got to kick off once.

Coaching (three leaves)

It would be unfair to say that Tress earned his fat new raise, because he could have suited up some of the geezers from the alumni band and still won. But there was nothing objectionable about how the opener went down from a management perspective. OSU worked the new clock rules well.

Fun quotient (three leaves)

Aside from the specter of potential disaster, embodied by Beanie dragging his foot behind him at game's end, the home crowd seemed happy to have their social compass back. A nail-biter it wasn't, but that's become the September standard. Bring on 'SC and fingers chewed to the nub.

Opponent (one leaf)

The other little brothers in Y-town's league might pay for this drubbing later, but the Penguins sure were out of theirs yesterday. Hopefully the FCS train has run its course, because a power like OSU has as much business lining up against YSU as it does the U.S. women's gymnastics team.

Officiating (three leaves)

A mostly silent minority of zebras -- as it should be -- with the only real curious moment coming on DeVier Posey's third-quarter touchdown catch. He might have been in, he might have gotten knocked out of bounds, whatever. But it would be tough to find a less emphatic TD signal. Two arms up?

[email protected]

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