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Big news for the Ohio State Buckeyes! They just landed another awesome defensive lineman for their 2025 class. Jarquez Carter, a super talented player from Florida, decided to join the Buckeyes today. This is a bit of a surprise, as Miami, UCF, and Penn State were also after him. Looks like Ohio State is on a roll!

Jarquez Carter

The Legend of Larry Johnson

Carter's decision was heavily influenced by legendary defensive line coach Larry Johnson. Johnson's reputation as a master developer of NFL-caliber talent has drawn top recruits to Columbus for years. Carter himself cited Johnson as the main reason behind his choice, saying, "He's a legend."

A Youth Movement on the D-Line

At 6-foot-2 and 284 pounds, Carter brings power and agility to the interior of Ohio State's defensive line. He joins fellow tackles Trajen Odom and Maxwell Roy in what promises to be a formidable unit. With the departure of all four starters after the 2024 season, including standouts like Jack Sawyer and J.T. Tuimoloau, Johnson needs fresh bodies to step up.

A Personal Connection

So how'd Ohio State land another top recruit? It all started with a visit in June. Jarquez Carter, a super talented defensive lineman from Florida, went to Ohio State for a few days (from the 19th to the 21st of June, to be exact). During that visit, he hung out with the players, got to feel the electric atmosphere of the Horseshoe stadium, and totally pictured himself rocking the scarlet and gray. It was a lightbulb moment for him – he knew he wanted to be part of something special at Ohio State.

7/18/2024 4:49:49 PM
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Meet Malik Autry, a great defensive lineman who turned heads on high school fields across the country. At 6-foot-7 and 320 pounds, Autry is more than just an athlete—he's a force of nature. And guess what? Ohio State has its eyes locked on him.

Malik Autry

Background and Recruitment

Picture this: It’s Friday night, the lights are flashing, the crowd is boisterous, and Malik Autry is smashing offensive lines like a runaway train. His high school life? It’s absolutely amazing. From flattening opponents to dropping quarterbacks, Autry’s highlights are full of jaw-dropping hits and game-changing moves.

But it’s not just his stats that grabbed Ohio State's attention. It’s that undeniable spark—the fierce look in his eyes when he hits the field. Coaches compare him to a young J.J. Watt, with all that raw power and grit. Autry's got the kind of talent that makes recruiters drool.

Ohio State's Pursuit

Now, let's talk about the Buckeyes. They've been wooing Autry like a suitor in a Jane Austen novel. Official visits? Check. Late-night phone calls with Coach Ryan Day? Double check. Autry even got a sneak peek at the legendary "Shoe"—Ohio Stadium—where the echoes of past victories seem to whisper, "Join us, Malik."

And the campus tour? Autry's eyes widened as he walked into the locker room. There was a row of shiny dumbbells, a lounge area, and a picture of Archie Griffin—the only two-time Heisman winner—looking down. It was like walking into football heaven.

Competition and Decision Timeline

But here's the twist: Autry's not an easy catch. Auburn's been courting him too, dangling promises of Southern hospitality and SEC glory. The Tigers have their own charm—a blend of sweet tea, tailgates, and a stadium that feels like a revival tent during a winning streak.

And the clock is ticking. August 17—the day Autry reveals his college choice—is approaching faster than a cornerback chasing down a wide receiver. Will he don the scarlet and gray, or will he head south to the land of "War Eagle"?

Impact on Ohio State

If Autry chooses Ohio State, it's a game-changer. Imagine him lining up alongside the Buckeyes' defensive front, a human wall that says, "Thou shalt not pass!" His size, speed, and sheer tenacity could turn close games into blowouts. And the fans? They'd embrace him like a long-lost Buckeye brother.

But if he goes elsewhere, well, the Buckeyes will regroup. They'll keep recruiting, keep building, and keep chasing that elusive national championship. Because in college football, the pursuit never stops.

7/11/2024 8:05:44 PM
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Gates Mills, Ohio — Buckeye Nation, rejoice! Three-star tight end Brody Lennon just joined the Ohio State team! The 6-foot-4, 220-pounder from Gilmore Academy chose the Buckeyes over Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin after a June 21st visit to Columbus.


A Dream Realized

This isn't just about football for Brody. This is a dream come true! Growing up in Ohio, he's been a die-hard Buckeyes fan forever. His dad, who went to Ohio State too, totally passed on that love for the team. So, when Coach Bailey offered him a spot, it felt like it was meant to be. "It felt amazing," Lennon shared. "I always grew up an OSU fan, and my dad went there. Coach Bailey believed in me, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear the Block O".

Tight End Renaissance

Ohio State hasn’t seen a pair of tight ends like this since 2016. Thanks to Lennon’s commitment, they now have two promising talents at the position. He joins four-star Oklahoma prospect Nate Roberts, and together, they aim to redefine the role of tight ends in the Buckeyes' offense. Roberts and Lennon bonded during their official visit to Columbus, and their camaraderie could spell trouble for opposing defenses.

The Impact

Lennon's commitment brings Ohio State's 2025 class to 20 members. Alongside other blue-chip recruits like quarterback Tavien St. Clair and running back Bo Jackson, Lennon hopes to make an immediate impact. The Buckeyes are building something special, and Brody Lennon is a crucial piece of that puzzle.

6/27/2024 7:11:28 PM
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Buckeye fans, listen up! You might not know Jake Cook yet, but this Westerville North star is making a name for himself. He's been putting in the hard yards, hitting up all the Ohio State camps, basically doing everything he can to play for the Buckeyes in that awesome scarlet and gray uniform.


The Audition

This summer, Jake got his shot and headed to the Ohio State football facilities. He totally impressed the coaches twice, showing off his moves, his strength, and how much he wanted it. But even though he crushed those workouts, that dream offer from the Buckeyes is still out there waiting. Jake's heart, however, remained unwaveringly set on the Buckeyes.

The Call That Changed His College Plans

Then came that life-changing call. Justin Frye, the offensive line coach, reached out to Jake. The Buckeyes had evaluated his film, dissected his performance, and were ready to extend an offer. Jake's dream was finally within reach. His emotions swirled—a mix of relief, pride, and sheer excitement. The seven-year-old boy who once dreamed of playing for Ohio State was now on the brink of realizing that dream.

Proving His Worth

Jake's journey wasn't without challenges. After a demanding sophomore season, he lost 40 lbs., honed his skills and proved a force on the field. Coach Day acknowledged Jake's transformation, admitting that he had "shocked the hell out of them." The offensive line board was reevaluated, and Jake's name was etched prominently.

The Private Workout

Coach Frye invited Jake back for a private workout. Center reps awaited him, and Jake seized the opportunity. Under Frye's watchful eye, he absorbed every lesson, every nuance of the position. The disappointment of not receiving an immediate offer faded as Jake focused on growth. He knew he belonged here, among the Buckeyes, and he was determined to prove it.

6/20/2024 9:05:45 PM
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Stuck smack dab in the middle of America, where corn grows taller than skyscrapers, lives Mariyon Dye. This dude dreams of rocking the scarlet and gray (you know, Ohio State colors) more than anything. Football is basically his life, and let me tell you, he's ridiculously good at it. College coaches everywhere are taking notice!

Mariyon Dye

The Final Eight

Mariyon recently unveiled his final eight schools, and Ohio State made the cut. Alongside powerhouse programs like Georgia, Tennessee, and Penn State, the Buckeyes stand tall. Dye, a 4-star Indiana defensive end, knows that choosing a college isn't just about football—it's about finding a home. His official visit to Columbus is scheduled for June 14, and anticipation hangs in the air like a Hail Mary pass.

The Buckeye Connection

Why Ohio State? Mariyon's answer is simple: tradition. It's about family. Mariyon's uncle, a proud Buckeye alum, regales him with tales of epic clashes against Michigan and late-night celebrations at the Varsity Club. Those memories linger, like the scent of fresh-cut grass on game day.

A Personal Story

Picture this: A crisp autumn afternoon, leaves crunching underfoot. Mariyon stands on the sidelines during an Ohio State game, his heart racing. The crowd chants, "O-H!" He responds, "I-O!" Goosebumps prickle his skin. His uncle, grinning ear to ear, claps him on the shoulder. "One day, nephew," he says, "this could be you."

The Edge Rusher

Dye's game? Explosive. He bursts off the line like a cannonball, eyes locked on the quarterback. His 6-foot-5 frame weaves through blockers, hungry for sacks. Coaches envision him terrorizing Big Ten offenses, a scarlet blur in pursuit. And when the Buckeye faithful rise to their feet, chanting his name, Mariyon knows he's found his tribe.

6/13/2024 6:20:33 PM
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Exploring Ohio State Football with Trey McNutt

April 7, 2023, was a day that Trey McNutt won't soon forget. The four-star 2025 Shaker Heights product stepped onto Ohio State's campus as a recruit, eager to explore what the Buckeyes had to offer. He did not know the visit would mark a pivotal moment in his college football journey.


The Visit

"The visit was amazing," McNutt shared with Eleven Warriors. "It was my first time being on campus. The coaches were really good, and I liked how the practice was run. It was intense, with fierce competition throughout." At the end of his visit, Head Coach Ryan Day extended an offer to McNutt in his office. The young safety had seen his recruitment take off, picking up 18 Division I offers, so Day decided it was time to express formal interest.

Family Ties

McNutt's connection to Ohio State runs deep. His father, Richard McNutt, played cornerback for OSU, and his uncle, safety Mike Doss, is also a former Buckeye. "It was really sweet," Trey said, reflecting on the offer from the same school his father once played at. "Walking around, I got to see pictures on the wall with him and Mike Doss. That was pretty special."

The Surprise Offer

"It was surprising actually," McNutt recalled. "We were sitting in the office talking, and I didn't think he'd offer me yet. It was exciting for both my mom and me. He said we're not going to sit here and let all these other schools recruit you. After that, he extended me the offer."

On the Field

In his sophomore season at Shaker Heights, McNutt showcased his versatility. He rotated between safety and cornerback, racking up 40 tackles (2 for loss), eight pass breakups, and one interception. On offensive, he contributed as a receiver, gaining 577 yards from scrimmage with eight total touchdowns. Ohio State sees him as a defensive back, either at safety or cornerback.

Recruitment Journey

McNutt has been in touch with cornerbacks coach Tim Walton. His ties to the Buckeyes remain strong, and he's visited Columbus frequently. An official visit to OSU is on the horizon this summer, and he's looking forward to the opportunity.

5/30/2024 5:13:14 PM
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Eric Reibe, a 7-foot, 235-pound big man from The Bullis School (Md.), is currently being heavily recruited by several college basketball programs. Here are the schools showing interest in him:


1. Ohio State: Reibe recently visited Ohio State and spent time with lead recruiter Jack Owens. The coaching staff believes he would be valuable to the program due to his size, versatility, and shooting ability¹.
2. Oregon
3. Creighton
4. Mississippi State
5. Providence
6. Georgetown
7. Iowa
8. Villanova
9. Michigan

In addition, Reibe made official visits to Harvard and Iowa, as well as unofficial visits to Ohio State, Georgetown Maryland, Virginia Tech and UVA. Although commitment isn’t forthcoming, Reibe is looking for a program where he can play to his potential, develop offensively and defensively, and consider academics. Check out his selection as he considers his options!

Eric Reibe, a 7-foot, 235-pound big man from The Bullis School (Md.), has several key strengths that make him an intriguing prospect for college basketball programs:

1. Size and Length: Reibe's height and wingspan give him an advantage in rebounding, shot-blocking, and altering opponents' shots near the rim. His presence in the paint can disrupt opposing offenses.

2. Versatility: Despite his size, Reibe is not limited to playing solely in the low post. He has shown the ability to step out and shoot mid-range jumpers, which adds versatility to his offensive game.

3. Shooting Touch: Reibe's shooting stroke is smooth, and he has the potential to develop into a reliable outside shooter. His touch around the basket and ability to finish with either hand are assets.

4. Defensive Awareness: Reibe understands defensive rotations, positioning, and timing. His shot-blocking instincts and rim protection contribute to his overall defensive impact.

5. Rebounding: With his size and timing, Reibe can be a force on the boards. Offensive rebounds lead to second-chances, and defensive rebounds help limit opportunities.

6. Work Ethic and Coachability: Coaches appreciate Reibe's commitment to improving his game. His eagerness to adapt and learn bodes well for his development.

Stay tuned to Eric Reibe as he continues to refine his skills and explore his college options!

5/25/2024 3:16:42 PM
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Isaiah West, a running back prospect, has recently decommitted from Kentucky and is now trending toward Ohio State. Here are the key details:


- Interest in Ohio State: Isaiah West was visited by Ohio State's running backs coach, Carlos Locklyn, earlier this month. Despite being committed to Kentucky, West expressed strong interest in playing for the Buckeyes. His decommitment from Kentucky opened the door for Ohio State.

- Recruitment Status: Since reopening his recruitment, West has seen two 247Sports Crystal Ball predictions favoring Ohio State. While his overall ranking is not as high according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings, Ohio State’s internal ranking puts it much higher. The Buckeyes could sign at least two running backs in the 2025 class, and West could be one of them, as they currently don’t have a committed back for that class

- Upcoming Visit: West and his parents are planning an unofficial visit to Ohio State this weekend. While he hasn't publicly announced an offer from the Buckeyes yet, a scholarship opportunity could arise during his visit.

It seems that Isaiah West's interest has shifted toward Ohio State, making him a potential addition to the Buckeyes' football program. ⚪

The Commitment To Kentucky

West made his commitment public on social media to Kentucky earlier, expressing his interest in joining the Wildcats. “I’m excited to get the job,” he said at the time. I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds.” His close relationship with Kentucky running backs coach Jay Boulware influenced his decision. West believed Boulware's experience coaching players like Joe Mixon (Oklahoma) and Najee Harris (Pittsburgh Steelers) would elevate his game at Kentucky.

Why Kentucky?

During his visit to Kentucky for Junior Day, West spent extensive time with Coach Boulware and the rest of the staff. He was impressed by what the program had to offer both on the field and off. West plans to major in sports medicine in college and had the opportunity to meet with a former UK football player who now works in the medical field. This firsthand experience solidified his commitment to the Wildcats at the time.

5/16/2024 4:01:14 PM
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The NFL Draft was electric, and the Arizona Cardinals were right in the middle of the action with the fourth selection. Everyone wanted to know who they were taking, and guess what? They went with the hottest name out there: Marvin Harrison Jr! But it wasn’t a slam dunk. Reports had the Cardinals looking at receivers, such as LSU’s Malik Nabers and Washington’s Rome Odanje. They also considered some defensive studs like edge rusher Jared Verse, Dallas Turner, or defensive tackles Brian Murphy and Darius Robinson. But in the end, Marvin Harrison Jr. stole the show!

Marvin Harrison Jr

Son of a Legend, Star in His Own Right

Marvin Jr. may be the best player in the world, is the son of NFL Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison, but he doesn’t just stick with his father’s name. This dude crushed it in college at Ohio State, catching an insane 67 passes for 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns just last season while missing games.

Cardinals Make a Big Bet

The Cardinals love making bold moves, and this is a big one. They lost receiver Marquis Brown to free agency, and Harrison Jr. was the first player you would like of, like a perfect replacement. He’s a big dude at 6-foot-3 and 209 pounds, so he can fight for the ball. But it’s not just great size – he also has serious skills. His route-running, hands, and football smarts are all top-notch.

Dream Team in the Making?

The real fun part? Imagining Marvin Jr. catching passes from Kyler Murray, the Cardinals' star QB. Murray is known for making wild plays, and now he has a receiver who can keep up. This duo could turn the Cardinals' offense into a nightmare for opposing defenses as early as next season.

Thumbs Up All Around

So, how'd the Cardinals do? Draft experts are loving this pick. It shows the Cardinals are serious contenders, ready to take on the best in the league. For Marvin Jr., this is just the beginning. He's ready to prove himself in the NFL and carry on his family's legacy.

The Cardinals made the game-changing move, and Marvin Harrison Jr. scored the first td of the season. Right in the middle of draft night. It’s a night of big stakes and even higher expectations. And based on this pick, the future looks bright for the Cardinals and their fans!

Marvin Harrison Jr. drafted at No. 4 by the Cardinals

4/25/2024 8:58:05 PM
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High school ball season might be wrapping up, but for Ohio State's future, it's just getting started. They landed a commitment from Marcus Johnson, a baller who's been turning heads everywhere. This Cleveland kid isn't just another high school hotshot – he's a huge win for the Buckeyes, who are itching to get back to their championship ways.


From Garfield Heights to Buckeye Nation

Marcus staying in-state to play college ball is a big deal. This 6-foot-1 point guard with a deadly shot and slick run shined all over Ohio. Ranked as one of the top 25 players in the nation, his decision to join the Buckeyes shows how much the program has evolved for him and is also a huge win for Coach Diebler

A Family Affair

Basketball is a family thing for the Johnsons, and Marcus's choice to be a Buckeye goes beyond just the program's reputation. His cousin Meechie already blazed that trail, making Marcus's commitment even more special. It's a story about family just as much as it is about hoops.

The Diebler Effect

Coach Diebler has totally changed the game for the Buckeyes. From how he recruits to his plans for the team, everything he does feels fresh. Plus, he connects with players like Johnson on a whole other level. It's obvious Diebler isn't just building a team, he's building a whole family, and Marcus is pumped to be part of it.

Looking Ahead

With Johnson's commitment, the future looks bright for Ohio State. The young guard's talent and potential are a perfect fit for Diebler's system, promising exciting times ahead for Buckeye fans. As Johnson prepares to take his game to the collegiate level, Ohio State waits with bated breath, ready to cheer on their new star.

In the end, Marcus Johnson's story is more than just about basketball. It's about home, family, and the promise of what's to come. And for Ohio State, that promise has never looked brighter.

4/11/2024 8:40:36 PM
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