Expanding Big 10 Reaching Out to Texas and Other Big 12 Teams

Expanding Big 10 Reaching Out to Texas and Other Big 12 Teams

Texas Longhorns

Expanding Big 10 Reaching Out to Texas and Other Big 12 Teams

The Big Ten is in talks with a number of schools with Texas being the biggest program being rumored. The poor television deal the Big 12 has currently compared to the better Big Ten television deal makes all Big 12 teams in play. Texas might be a reach but the Longhorns switching conferences would be significant.

By Steve Patterson

Fans of the Big 12 are hoping the conferences stay the way they are, more regional than anything else. Other Big 12 and non-Big 12 teams rumored for a move include Nebraska, Missouri, Rutgers, Notre Dame, Syracuse and Pittsburg. The number of new Big Ten teams could range from one up to five. A 16 team conference would make divisions easy and a championship game ideal.

Current rivalries in the Big 12 is an issue that might stop Texas from making the switch. Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M are important games in the Longhorn’s history. Switching them to non-conference would make the Longhorn’s schedule one of the most difficult in the country. To not have these games would be a major change for a traditional team. The Big Ten likes the athletic programs in addition to the academic standards at Texas. Plus expanding the Big Ten network and Big Ten recruiting into Texas is something all programs in the conference would love to see.

Missouri is a popular Big 12 target in rumors for the Big Ten and might happen before a powerhouse like Texas moves. Rutgers is a Big-East program that would allow the Big Ten to expand into New York which is almost as financially attractive as expanding into Texas.

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