Nebraska Now in the Big 10 + 2 Conference, Title Game Added

Nebraska Now in the Big 10 + 2 Conference, Title Game Added

Nebraska Cornhuskers Join Big 10

Nebraska Now in the Big 10 + 2 Conference, Title Game Added

The aggressiveness of the Pac 10 in adding Colorado this past week enticed the Big 10 to speed up their expansion plans and they quickly offered and accepted Nebraska as the newest member of the Big 10 (+2). The Big 10 had been busy planning expansion already which made the other large conferences in the country a little worried. The addition of the Big 10 television network over the past couple of years has allowed the conference to entice new members with larger paychecks then conferences with bad television deals can do, see the Big 12 and the Big East.

By Steve Patterson

The Big 10 Conference now plans to split into divisions before the 2011 season and to add a conference championship game, all the more money to spread amongst the new members. But Nebraska is a historic program that has done well as of late which makes them a great fit for the Big 10. The conference continues to search for new members with great academic standards and great football traditions. Notre Dame and Texas being the prized possessions all other leagues seek. The Nebraska Cornhuskers will begin playing in their conference in September of 2011. Therefore, divisions and championship plans need to be made quickly by a busy conference that is still seeking 2 to 4 more members.

Nebraska became worried about the future of the Big 12 and was already upset about the favoritism Texas schools were receiving when they received the offer from Jim Delany, the commissioner of the Big 10. With Colorado leaving earlier this week and the Pac 10 working overtime to add Texas, the Big 12 could fold or lose the prestige it has had over the past years. These circumstances made the athletic department at Nebraska more willing to take a hard look at moving to the Big 10.

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