Ohio State 2010 Spring Football Draft

Ohio State 2010 Spring Football Draft

Ohio State Spring Game

Ohio State 2010 Spring Football Draft

At the Woody Hayes Facility today the Buckeye seniors selected their teams for the annual Ohio State Spring Game, the Scarlet and Gray Game. The seniors were assigned by the coaching staff prior to the draft with the teams alternating picks by position thereafter. The Scarlet team began the draft and selected Terrelle Pryor with the first pick. Positions that followed quarterback included center, defensive tackle, and safety. The Spring Game is this coming Saturday at 1:30 in Ohio Stadium.

By Steve Patterson



DE Cam Heyward

LB Ross Homan

CB Devon Torrence

S Tyler Moeller (OUT)

S Aaron Gant

WR Dane Sanzenbacher (Team Captain)

WR Grant Schwartz

OL Connor Smith

OL Bryant Browning

OL Josh Kerr

OL Scott Sika

FB Adam Homan

WR Garrett Hummel

D Devin Barclay


LB Brian Rolle

S Jermale Hines

DT Dexter Larimore

DT Chimdi Chekwa (Team Captain)

OG Justin Boren

WR Taurian Washington

OL Andrew Miller

WR Ricky Crawford

Brandon Saine

RB Chris Malone

LS Jake McQuaide



Scarlet – Terrelle Pryor

Gray – Kenny Guiton

Scarlet – Joe Bauserman

Gray – Justin Siems


Gray – Michael Brewster

Scarlet – Corey Linsley

Gray – Jack Mewhort

Defensive Tackle

Scarlet – John Simon

Gray – Garrett Goebel

Scarlet – Adam Bellamy

Gray – Evan Blankenship


Gray – Nate Oliver

Scarlet – Orhian Johnson

Gray- Zach Domicone

Scarlet – CJ Barnett

Gray – Jamie Wood

Tight End

Scarlet – Jake Stoneburner

Gray – Reid Fragel

Scarlet – Spencer Smith

Gray – Nic DiLillo

Wide Receiver

Gray – DeVier Posey

Scarlet – Chris Fields

Gray – Joe Cech

Scarlet – James Jackson

Gray – Chris Roark

Offensive Tackle

Scarlet – Mike Adams

Gray – JB Shugarts

Scarlet – Marcus Hall

Gray – Sam Longo

Defensive End

Gray – Nathan Williams

Scarlet – Solomon Thomas

Gray – Melvin Fellows

Scarlet – Keith Wells

Gray – Stewart Smith

Corner Back

Scarlet – Dominic Clarke

Gray – Donnie Evege

Scarlet – Corey Brown

Gray – Taylor Rice

Strong Side Linebacker

Gray – Etienne Sabino

Scarlet – Jonathan Newsome

Gray – Tony Jackson

Scarlet – Chris Maxwell

Gray – Dan Bain

Weak Side Linebacker

Scarlet – Dorian Bell

Gray – James Hastings


Gray – Zach Boren

Scarlet – James Georgiades

Middle Linebacker

Scarlet – Storm Kelin

Gray – Jordan Whiting


Gray – Boom Herron

Scarlet – Jordan Hall

Gray – Carlos Hyde

Scarlet – Jermil Martin

Gray – Jaamal Berry

Scarlet – Bo DeLande


Scarlet – Ben Buchanan

Gray – Derek Erwin


Gray – Drew Basil

Long Snapper

Scarlet – George Makridis

Gray – Garrett Dornbrook

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