Rolle Displays his Versatility during Ohio State’s Pro Day

Rolle Displays his Versatility during Ohio State’s Pro Day

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Rolle Displays his Versatility during Ohio State’s Pro Day

At Ohio State’s Pro Day earlier this month, graduating middle linebacker Brian Rolle posted a 4.51 second time in the 40-yard dash and afterward did linebacker and defensive back drills for NFL scouts that had traveled to Columbus to see many prior Ohio college players in a combine like atmosphere.

According to safety Jermale Hines, Brian Rolle is very athletic and was quite good at moonlighting during his days with the Buckeye football program. He would therefore do very well in playing the different positions in the NFL as his size is small for a typical linebacker.

Rolle has been adding value the best he can after NFL scouts downgraded him for his size. According to him, he is offering the scouts something else to think about apart from his small size of under 6 feet, and 230 pounds. His speed and game time ability stood out during the past four years, earning him a starting spot in the highly successful college program.

He said, “If I can play other positions as well, then I think I would be placed higher on their charts.” Hoping for a draft selection when the spring time NFL draft occurs in April, he might fall into the late rounds or be picked up as a free agent.

He has been training and competing with Devon Torrence and managed a 4.56 time at the OSU Combine while Torrence got a 4.60 time which was not impressive for a corner-back know to have incredible speed. He later improved to a 4.50, a little more respectable. Rolle explained, “Torrence needed to beat me for his own benefit.”

As Torrence participated and trained, Rolle watched him as a model for position drills and then mimicked him as he did his own defensive back drills. “I found it very easy as an athlete to learn, I pick things very quickly”, Rolle told reporters about doing drills outside of the position he played in Ohio.

Hines posted a 4.62 in the 40 while in Indianapolis but posted a 4.57 yesterday. According to him, it was a very good job. Home tracks are known to be a little bit faster than the NFL combine track. So the improved times are common.

Other players such as Dane Sanzenbacher and Brandon Saine also participated. Dexter Larimore and Bryant Browning, two multi-year starters were not invited to the combine hence they only had one chance to prove themselves at the OSU Pro Day. While Larimore was optimistic, Browning was not able to go through all his drills due to a hamstring injury. He however hopes to be fit by March 30 and participate in individual workouts.

Two current free agents, Lawrence Wilson and Ray Small also returned for their second Pro Days. Dominic Jones, a graduate formerly with University of Minnesota scored a 4.46 in the 40. Ohio State often allows past players and players from other programs to participate in it’s professional scouting event.

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