Ohio State Buckeyes V. Northwestern Wildcats

Ohio State Buckeyes V. Northwestern Wildcats
Northwestern University's Equipment Truck

Northwestern University's Equipment Truck (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

Ohio State Buckeyes V. Northwestern Wildcats

The Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Northwestern University Wildcats game is getting a lot of hype, and not for the usual reasons. While the game is certainly a clash of the titans, it's also one that sees the Buckeyes come in with both the momentum and what may well be the better team and the better coaching staff. At the same time, though, there are talks of an upset - not enough to really change the  numbers, but enough talk to make the game itself more interesting. The game might not end up being a nail-biter, but it has the potential to be one for the ages.

The big news of the game is, of course, the fact that the Buckeyes are again on a streak. In football, those who win have a tendency to keep winning - something Ohio States' previous team has already proven. While no one is quite calling the game an automatic win for the Buckeyes, the spread is certainly in their favor - a 6.5 point spread is on the books, and it looks like a fair bet that the usual team will win.

If you look back on the most recent games between the two teams, things don't look particularly bright for Northwestern. The Ohio State Buckeyes have taken down Northwestern by an average of about forty-three points in the last four years, and the Buckeyes have emerged victorious 35 of the last 37 times that the two teams have met. No matter how you look at it, things just don't look great for the Wildcats.

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