Michigan Players Complain of NCAA Violations

Michigan Players Complain of NCAA Violations

Michigan Wolverines 2008

Michigan Players Complain of NCAA Violations

The NCAA has a set of rules outlining how much time student athletes can spend practicing and training with the team during a given period of time to provide for other school priorities. A number of Michigan players have come out complaining that they have been required to work beyond the normal time limits.

By Steve Patterson

Players from the 2008 and 2009 season spoke with the Detroit Free Press without being named about requirements they face that go beyond what is allowed by the league. In response Bill Martin, Michigan Athletic Director, has launched an investigation into the matter as coaches denied the violations.

The complaints by the players include off season training, in season training and attendance by quality control staff at the summer 7 on 7 voluntary events. Offseason limits are 8 hours a week and in season limits are 20 hours a week.

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