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How to recruit with a Rule-breaking Coach

How to recruit with a Rule-breaking Coach

It turns out Kelvin Sampson had one extra recruiting trick up his sleeve. In addition to illegal phone calls from himself and his assistants, Sampson offered prospects a letter of intent that allowed them to bail if things went bad at Indiana. Indiana AD Rick Greenspan has confirmed that at least two players are allowed to not honor their letters of intent due to the changing of the coaching staff. Provisions in their letters of intent had an "escape clause" related to NCAA Tournament bans or a change of coaches according to Greenspan.

Speculation is the two recruits are Indiana's best two 2008 recruits, Devin Ebanks and Terrell Holloway. Ebanks is a 5 Star 6'8" small forward out of Oakdale Connecticut who is considered to be second best small forward in the country by Halloway is a 4 Star 6'0" point guard out of Cincinnati Harmony Community how is the twentieth best ball handler in the class of 2008.

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