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Editorial: A few more random thoughts at 3 AM

  1. Please notice that is almost all powerful!  Virtually a day after we chided ESPN for taking Chris Spielman out of the booth, he was back. And by the way, Spiels continues to improve in the color analyst roll.  Now I only wish we could have used some of that influence to help OSU get a win last Saturday.

Why College Players give Up a Million Dollars

Wide-receiver James Johnson left the Georgia Tech team before Spring Ball began this year. This is the second time in his career that he has quit the Yellow Jackets. The last time this occurred, Head Coach Paul Johnson talked him into returning to the team.

Can Ohio State continue to pull out of Krop?

Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel, Michael Brewster, and Company did a great job in 2008 of pulling two highly recruited players out of Miami Krop High School. The 2008 Football Recruiting Chart has Krop Cornerback Travis Howard and Middle Linebacker Etienne Sabino both rated as 4 star prospects. But does that necessarily mean that they will continue to get recruits from one of the hottest high schools in South Florida with the University of Miami (FL) staking their claim once again on the area?

Devoe Torrence is Formally Charged with Rape

    Speculation had been around for many months that Ohio State recruit and one of the best running backs in the country Devoe Torrence had been involved in sexual misconduct with former Massillon classmates.

    The had Torrence listed as an Ohio State verbal for months along with all of the other recruiting websites and services. But when he did not visit for an official visit to campus like all committed scholarship athletes eventually do, it was obvious that Torrence would not be a part of the Buckeye’s 2008 class. His scholarship had been pulled for off-the-field issues.

How to recruit with a Rule-breaking Coach

It turns out Kelvin Sampson had one extra recruiting trick up his sleeve. In addition to illegal phone calls from himself and his assistants, Sampson offered prospects a letter of intent that allowed them to bail if things went bad at Indiana.

Kelvin Sampson: A Recovering Illegal Recruiter

The current situation at Indiana, where Basketball Head Coach Kelvin Sampson has been placed on a game-by-game tight rope while the university determines how to handle the media blitz surrounding violations by the coach and one of his assistants, is an overreaction to a situation that was sure to surface.

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