Gator Bowl 2012: Ohio State Buckeyes vs Florida Gators

Gator Bowl 2012: Ohio State Buckeyes vs Florida Gators


Gator Bowl 2012: Ohio State Buckeyes vs Florida Gators

In a rematch of the 2007 BCS National Championship game won by Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators, Ohio State will hope for a better outcome this time around in the 2012 Gator Bowl. And now Urban Meyer is a part of the new staff at Ohio State which makes things interesting although he is only involved in recruiting and staff hiring for the Buckeyes to this point. The Buckeyes hope the defensive is healed and able to play at the high level they begun the season with. While also hoping Braxton Miller and the offense plays like they did during a three game winning streak in the middle of their schedule this year.

Miller’s versatility from the quarterback position is a plus for the Buckeyes. But the teams passing offense has been mediocre and inconsistent this year. Florida brings the 9th ranked defensive to the bowl game which will force Miller to pass the way he did against Michigan, were OSU passed for 335 yards. That game was competitive except for the Buckeyes inability to stop the run. Linebacker Andrew Sweat returns which should improve their run defensive Monday afternoon. Florida’s offense hasn’t been anything special, ranked 101st nationally, so Ohio State should be able to contain the Gators with their now healthy upperclassmen.

Urban Meyer will be a distraction during the broadcast has led many Buckeye fans to dismiss the bowl this year as unimportant, instead focusing on the future. Somewhat sad for the current juniors of the team that this will be their final bowl game since the NCAA has banned them from bowl competition next year. They hope the Sugar Bowl last season is indicative of their new ability to play SEC teams and win convincingly. And the Buckeyes should be motivated to see their current coaching staff go out with a win, if they need some extra motivation for a bowl game.

John Simon/CJ Barnett look ahead to the Gator Bowl 2012
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