Key Offensive Players In Ohio State Football

Key Offensive Players In Ohio State Football

Braxton Miller

Key Offensive Players In Ohio State Football

As people are getting geared up for fall camp and Ohio state football, a lot of eyes are on the quarterback, Braxton Miller. Miller has proven himself to be versatile and quick, and he can pass the ball in addition to racking up yards on the ground if necessary. As good as he is, he cannot win games by himself. The offense needs another key player.

Jordan Hall, running back extraordinaire, would usually fill that position. He injured his foot this summer, and will probably not be starting for at least a couple games. Head coach, Urban Meyer, drew comparison between these two and Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow at Florida University, where they were simply an unstoppable combination.

There are a couple candidates in fall camp for players who might get the job done in Ohio state football. Evan Spencer and Corey Brown are both receivers who can do big damage if they get the ball. They are also fast, making it difficult for defenses to cover them.

Coach Meyer is slightly worried that the offense in Ohio State football will not work out quite the way he wants it to this year. Explosive players are necessary to give the offensive multiple threats, making the defense unable to handle them. Luckily, fall camp is beginning today, and a solution may yet be found before the 2012 season.

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