Tyler Moeller’s Assailant Has Been Arrested

Tyler Moeller’s Assailant Has Been Arrested

Tyler Moeller’s Assailant Has Been Arrested

Ralph Gray Decker has been arrested in Florida for assaulting Tyler Moeller at a bar in Treasurer Island Florida on July 26th. The charge is misdemeanor battery and could lead to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for Decker. An attorney representing Decker feels his client acted in self-defense.

By Steve Patterson

The incident happened at Gator’s Cafe & Saloon, Treasure Island Florida. Moeller went to the bar with an uncle and his sister. The three were not wearing attire that would lead anyone to know they were from Ohio. Facts of the case against Gray Decker are coming to light as a case is being prepared.

Witnesses have stated that Moeller was punched without aggravating Decker, a punch that knocked Moeller out. Moeller needed to have surgery on August 8th after complications arose during team activities on the Ohio State campus. Moeller will not be able to play football this year but his family hopes he will be able to return next season.

According to witnesses at the bar, Decker approached Moeller’s sister at the bar. Moeller interrupted the conversation and began talking with Decker. Seconds later Moeller was out cold after hitting his head on the floor. There was no indication that the conversation between Decker and Moeller was going to lead to a fight. Yet other witnesses do feel there were some heated arguments.

Decker’s story is quite different. He tells of a conservation about Moeller being an OSU football player by a different name. And Moeller threatening Decker after Decker discovered the name Moeller gave was incorrect. After being backed up by Moeller, Decker struck Moeller in the chin sending him backward and knocking him out.

More details will come to light as the case progresses.

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