Scarlet vs Gray Game Draft Selections Made

Scarlet vs Gray Game Draft Selections Made

Terrelle Pryor Spring 2009

Scarlet vs Gray Game Draft Selections Made

In their annual Scarlet vs. Gray draft today, Ohio State seniors selected underclassmen by position with the coaches split in half and the seniors divided to give the fairest outcome for each team. Quarterback was the first position drawn with Terrelle Pryor going to the Gray and Joe Bauserman being selected by the Scarlet. Leo was next with Scarlet getting Thad Gibson and the Gray picking up Solomon Thomas, who had a great Jersey Scrimmage this past weekend.

By Steve Patterson

Here is how the selections went:

1. Terrelle Pryor (Gray)
2. Joe Bauserman (Scarlet)

3. Thad Gibson (Scarlet)
4. Solomon Thomas (Gray)
5. Stewart Smith (Scarlet)

Defensive Line
6. Cam Heyward (Gray)
7. Dex Larimore (Scarlet)
8. Garrett Goebel (Gray)
9. Willie Mobley (Scarlet)
10. Matheny (Gray)
11. Britt (Scarlet)

Offensive Line
12. Bryant Browning (Scarlet)
13. Justin Boren (Gray)
14. Andy Miller (Scarlet)
15. Michael Brewster (Gray)
16. Mike Adams (Scarlet)
17. Josh Kerr (Gray)
18. Connor Smith (Scarlet)
19. Scot Sika (Gray)
20. Evan Blankenship (Scarlet)
21. Jack Mewhort (Gray)
22. Zach Slagle (Scarlet)
23. Ryan Malone (Gray)

24. Brian Rolle (Gray)
25. Tyler Moeller (Scarlet)
26. Andrew Sweat (Gray)
27. Etienne Sabino (Scarlet)
28. Storm Klein (Gray)
29. Tony Jackson (Scarlet)
30. Ross Homan (Gray) - Q
31. Grant Dziak (Scarlet)

32. Chimdi Chekwa (Scarlet)
33. Devon Torrence (Gray)
34. Travis Howard (Scarlet)
35. C.J. Barnett (Gray)
36. Donnie Evege (Scarlet)
37. Taylor Rice (Gray)
38. JJ Emmenecker (Scarlet)

39. Jermale Hines (Gray)
40. Orhian Johnson (Scarlet)
41. Zach Domicone (Gray)
42. Rocco Pentello (Scarlet)
43. Jamie Wood (Gray)
44. DB Ebner (Scarlet)
45. Maxwell (Gray)
46. Nate Oliver (Scarlet) - Q

Running Back
47. Boom Herron (Scarlet)
48. Brandon Saine (Gray)
49. Bo DeLande (Scarlet)

Tight End
50. Jake Stoneburner (Gray)
51. Spencer Smith (Scarlet)
52. Nic DiLillo (Scarlet) - Q

Wide Receiver
53. DeVier Posey (Scarlet)
54. Taurian Washington (Gray)
55. Lamaar Thomas (Scarlet)
56. Grantz Schwartz (Gray)
57. Ricky Crawford (Scarlet)
58 Garrett Hummel (Gray)
59. James Jackson (Scarlet)
60. Joe Cech (Gray)
61. Josh Springer (Scarlet)
62. Chris Roark (Gray)
63. Antonio Ranieri (Scarlet)

Long Snapper
64. Jake McQuaide (Gray)
65. Patrick Howe (Scarlet)
66. Garrett Dornbrook (Gray)
67. Gar Chappelear (Scarlet)
68. Matt Heater (Gray)

69. Ben Buchanan (Scarlet)
70. Erwin (Gray)
71. Devin Barclay (Scarlet)
72. Eisenhart (Gray)

70. Adam Homan (Gray)
71. James Georgiades (Scarlet)
72. Jermil Martin (Gray)

73. Dane Sanzenbacher (Scarlet)
74. Nathan Williams (Gray)
75. J.B. Shugarts (Scarlet)
76. Keith Wells (Gray)
77. K.C. Christian (Scarlet)
78. Zach Boren (Gray)

Q - Questionable

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