Expected To Re-Join The Buckeyes: Storm Klein

Expected To Re-Join The Buckeyes: Storm Klein

Storm Klein Returning to OSU

Although many people worried a fair amount about having some bad luck on Friday, July 13, 2012, Storm Klein had his bad luck on Friday, July 6, 2012. On that day he was arrested and charged with assault and misdemeanor domestic violence. Fortunately he began to get lucky on the following Tuesday. On that day the linebacker’s lawyer spoke with a group of reporters.

That attorney, Larry James assured the reporters that his client, Klein would be re-joining his team for the 2012 season. James let it be known that he expected his client to be exonerated of all the charges against him and allowed to return to play.

Urban Meyer had expressed a willingness to consider re-evaluating the discipline handed to Klein based on the charges that had been made against him and any change in those charges. Apparently the efforts made by Klein’s lawyer have pushed Meyer to honor his promise and to re-evaluate the charges that he made one week before a day dreaded by many.

Thanks to Meyer’s willingness to live up to his promise, it looks like all Buckeye fans will be celebrating once the football season has started with Klein back in the lineup. By then each of them will have forgotten about the concerns that plagued them not long after Independence Day. By then you may be cheering on Storm Klein, or one of the other noteworthy linebackers of the Ohio State football team starting ahead of him.

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